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Entry #1

Corporate zombies finished! Finally!

2011-04-28 17:19:35 by CESpool

Yay our first submission is now viewable in the flash portal. It's about zombies... who do buisness, WTF? Yeah weird ideas, anyway check it out.

- Cam

Corporate zombies finished! Finally!


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2011-04-28 18:06:01

Oh boy, we sure do need another clay artist clogging up the portal, considering they don't make actual Flash animations. Nice to know people like you will attract more clay animators and live action films who crowd out actual Flash. Just wonderful.

CESpool responds:

Actually sir this was just a school project that needed to be done in stop motion. We plan on making primarily flash videos from now on.

thank you- Cameron Murray


2011-06-18 09:53:12

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